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차량용윈치 DC-12V

RKEXC-10000F *130:1 고속용 용량(4536kg)
다이니마로프 9.2*26m

[런바코리아] RKEP, RKEX 보급형 차량용 DC윈치 플레이트 베이스와 로라 제품조립법 간단한 설명 영상

이번 브랜드 제품은
런바코리아 차량용 DC윈치 RKEP-3500U 제품
기본 플레이트(베이스) 및 로라, 그리고 유선스위치 장착법 영상입니다. (RKEX도 동일합니다.)

아무리 쉽고 다 아시는분이 많더라도 잘 모르실수도있는 소수의 분들도 챙기도록 노력하겠습니다. ^^

런바정품이 아닌데 런바로 속여서 파는 제품도 있으니
주의해서 구입하시길 바랍니다.

▶RKEP-3500U 판매처
종합공구기계전문몰 : 아이몰
여우토깽이 : 혹시 차량용 윈치를 빳데리 말고 파워써플라이에 연결해서 사용가능한가요?
요즘아빠 : 윈치의 차량 설치는 귀사의 협력업체나 설치업체를 소개 해주실 수 있는지요?
대략적인 설치도 확인이 가능할까요?
링크에 있는 금액 외 추가 구매하거나 하는 금액이 있는지요?

12v vs 24v winch comparison + 24v set up and more

if you've ever wonder how to set up 24 volts through a 12 volt winch motor or what are the benefits then have a watch of this video. It brings your winch to life. any more questions drop a comment.
Drunkn Snail : hey daniel how do you find the batteries hold up winching and not charging? find they go flat before you finish pulling?
Peter Phillips : Thank you for taking the time to do this comparison. A fair bit more in it than I expected but something to consider.
Bruce Baxter : amps is what makes the magnetic field, thats the torque, the pull.
volts is how fast you pull it.
my 2c, use a snatch block on 24v and it pulls with half the amps, a lot less stress on the rope motor and winch box ,,, but still goes as fast if not faster than a straight pull on 24 and over twice as fast as a straight pull on 12v
Bruce Baxter : i had an old frankenstein switch to do the 24v changeover on the old landrover
Philemon Ripin : It was very educational mate,i would go for an electric winch touring wise but comp style and monster pull i'd go for a pto winch or god winch like we do here in borneo,click borneo safari on youtube if u wanna see how fast the pto can pull
MulishaPatrol : Awesome video mate! Thank you for putting this info out something I've seen on the winch trucks but never new how they done it absoulte legend!
Sethjxl : I'll explain the difference. with the readings you got.
They were both around the same current draw as it's most likely a limiting factor of the battery or the windings in the winch motor. So at 12v and 359A, your winch is getting 4308W of power, but when you switch to 24v, you are effective doubling the power (Watts =Amps x Volts) your winch can pull which is now 8424W. If your winch was to have the same power at 12V as it does at 24V, it would need to pull 781A at 12V which your cabling setup, battery and solenoids cannot sustain for more than a second or two.
Those are very good batterys, have a CCA of about 820A, however that is only for a second or two (like draw from a starter motor). After supplying that initial rush of current, their output current drops significantly and is likely around that 350A-360A which would be why you see that number regardless of 12/24.
Hope that makes sense.
Vik Cebergs #greatsouthernoverland : Excellent comparison...I have wondered weather its worth doing to my highmount. I am not hard core like you fellas but the motor does sound happier!
Trickster : So in the end, you can winch faster. Do you need to? I would have liked to have seen line speed measured say with two layers on the drum. Hard to judge, but I think my line speed with my PTO mechanical winch on the GU is somewhere between your 12 and 24v speeds? But, of course I can do that all day, no batteries to consider. Battery life - what turn over have you had?
vincem5 : great informative vid and nice outtro :)




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